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Altglas Upcycling

Upcycling soap dispenser pump 'Budapest'

Upcycling soap dispenser pump 'Budapest'

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  • Pump with stainless steel coating
  • For screw threads and cork bottles
  • Build your own upcycling soap dispenser

Build your own upcycling soap dispenser

Do you want to build an upcycling soap dispenser from an old bottle or do you want to spice up your soap dispenser with a beautiful and high-quality pump head?

Our pump heads fit many different bottles that are too beautiful to throw away. So you can breathe new life into used bottles and create your own soap dispenser with a stainless steel pump head.

All pumps are coated with high-quality 304 stainless steel. Numerous finishes and alloys allow you to choose the style that suits your chosen bottle.

Thanks to the 20cm long tube, the pump is also suitable for larger bottles. The tube can easily be shortened with household scissors.


List of compatible bottles

Variant with 28mm thread

The 28mm version is available as a single or double pack. This version is suitable for all bottles listed below and for bottles with a thread diameter of 26-28mm.

Tip: Take the lid of a compatible bottle and test whether it fits on the bottle you want. If it can be screwed on straight and without force, then our pump heads will fit.

- Jack 35cl + 70cl
- Absolut 50cl - unfortunately not on 70cl
- Lemonaid
- ChariTea
- Roku 70cl
- Niemand Dry Gin 50cl
- Edinburgh 50cl
- Bombay 35cl + 50cl - unfortunately not on 70cl
- OMG Oh My Gin 50cl
- Bulldog 70cl
- Nordes 70cl
- Tito’s 70cl
- Skyy 70cl
- Nikka straight from the Barrel 0.5 l
- Merlet Brother's Blend Cognac 0.7 l
- Sierra 0.7 l
- Ballantine's 70cl
- Maker's Mark 70cl
- Iris Gin 0.5l
- Helbing Caraway 70cl
- Chambord 50cl

Not compatible with the 28mm variant: Jimmy, Liquor 43, Three 60, Jägi, Captain, Kraken, Havana, Tanquerray, Ginmare.


Variant with fitting 1 (18-20mm)

The variant with fitting 1 has a 28mm thread onto which a silicone fitting ring is placed. The fitting ring can be removed and then you also have a 28mm threaded pump head.

Tip: It is best to measure the opening of your desired bottle precisely. If the opening is 18-20mm wide, our version with fitting 1 will fit. Alternatively, you can take the cork from one of the compatible bottles and test whether it fits your desired bottle.

- Hendrick’s 35cl, 70cl + 1l
- Monkey47
- Gin Sul
- Sipsmith 50cl
- Drumshanbo Gunpowder 70cl
- Rockrose 70cl
- Star of Bombay
- Siegfried
- Applaus
- Knut Hansen
- Huckleberry
- Marula
- Copper Head
- Skin Gin
- Irving
- Aether
- Six Ravens
- Tarquin’s 70cl
- Hayman's 50cl
- Macaronesian White
- Colombian Aged
- Birds
- Mats Premium
- Amuerte
- Muscat
- Aires
- Water Eye
- Ferdinand's
- Bulleit
- West grain
- The Wolf
- Winter & Purple
- Dr. Jaglas Elixirs
- Faude feine Brände

How is the item packaged?

Our pumps are packed in resealable zip bags.

After years of using cardboard boxes, we decided to take this step because this way the packaging remains reusable and the volume of the packaged product is reduced. CO2 and environmental pollution are also generated during transport. By reducing the volume, we ultimately have a smaller carbon footprint than with paper packaging.

The zip bags are printed with our logo and product information in black (monochrome).

Product details & dimensions

Materials: 304 stainless steel coating, tube and inner pump mechanism made of plastic

Height (visible part):
- Budapest: approx. 5.9 cm
- Zagreb: approx. 5.4 cm

Thread: 28-400 (28mm)

Tube length: 20 cm (can be shortened with household scissors)

Care instructions: Hand wash with mild detergent. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

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