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Altglas Upcycling

Extra-long 30cm tube for upcycling pumps (4 pieces)

Extra-long 30cm tube for upcycling pumps (4 pieces)

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As a replacement or for retrofitting

Do you have a very large bottle or have you lost the old tube? This set of replacement tubes will save you. With a length of 30 cm, these tubes are also suitable for large bottles.

The variant '1cc pumps' is only suitable for the pump variant with fitting 1.

The variant ' 2cc pumps' can be used for the pump variants with fitting 2, as well as for the variant with 28mm thread.

With this product you will receive four tubes with a length of 30 cm per pack.

How is the item packaged?

Our accessories and spare parts are packed in resealable zip bags.

After years of using cardboard boxes, we decided to take this step because this way the packaging remains reusable and the volume of the packaged product is reduced. CO2 and environmental pollution are also generated during transport. By reducing the volume, we ultimately have a smaller carbon footprint than with paper packaging.

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