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Soap dispenser 'Sarajevo' made of glass bottle with stainless steel pump

Soap dispenser 'Sarajevo' made of glass bottle with stainless steel pump

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  • Robust, refillable glass bottle
  • Pump with stainless steel coating
  • Anti-slip coasters

Plastic was yesterday

Still buying a plastic soap dispenser from the drugstore once a month? No thanks.

It's time for refillable and stylish soap dispensers - robust, functional and chic. This way you avoid unnecessary waste and reduce your plastic consumption.

Robust glass and stainless steel

All of our pump heads are covered with high-quality 304 stainless steel. In contrast to plastic pump heads, the stainless steel provides a pleasant feel and therefore fits perfectly with high-quality soap dispensers.

Thick and sturdy glass characterizes the Boston Round bottle that we use for this soap dispenser. You can easily refill the durable bottle in local zero-waste stores or from a large soap container at home.

Available with silicone coaster - so nothing slips away

By popular demand, we have now designed a version of our soap dispenser with a silicone coaster. Thanks to the removable coaster, the soap dispenser does not slip around on the sink and protects sensitive surfaces.

The silicone cover makes the already thick and robust glass bottle even more shock-resistant. This makes the dispenser ideal for use in the shower as a shampoo dispenser.

Includes sticker set with 8 stickers

So that you can separate your soap from shampoo and conditioner, each of our soap dispenser sets comes with a sticker set of 8 waterproof vinyl stickers.

The included stickers are labeled Soap, Shampoo, Dish Wash, Conditioner, Lotion, Body Wash, Spülmittel and Seife (the last two words are German).

There is also a black label included, which you can write on yourself if our selection is not enough.

Product details & dimensions

- 500 ml variant: approx. 21 cm high, 8 cm diameter
- 250 ml variant: approx. 19 cm high, 6.5 cm diameter

Pump: 28-400 thread with 28 mm diameter; our pump models Zagreb and Budapest both fit the bottle

Materials: Glass, 304 stainless steel coating, tube and inner pump mechanism made of plastic, coaster made of silicone

Care instructions: The glass bottle can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Wash the pump head by hand with a mild detergent.

How is the item packaged?

We wrap all items that contain glass in paper for cushioning. The soap dispensers are delivered in a box that is printed with our logo and item information in black (monochrome).

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